Zahra Khorami


Zahra Khorami was born on March 20th, 1986 in Tehran, Iran. Having finished the master thesis on “relation of art and truth in Adorno’s philosophy”, she gained the master degree in the field of philosophy in Tehran. In the meantime, she followed the theoretical and practical photography in basic and professional stages privately, in 2007.

Firstly, she took some classic photos in portrait and studio. After a while, since she had found the “Realistic photography” closer to her view, following this style, she did photography inspired by Fine-art photography.

In 2011, she collaborated with monthly-Hamshahri magazine as a photojournalist, before she went to Germany in 2012 where she took her shots as freelancer photographer; and after one year she moved to the Netherlands.

Since 2009 she has accomplished her photography projects in “Narrative style”, not only with one photo, but with a series of photographs that picture the feeling or the view of a story. Her attempts, however, have been always to narrate the story in an open-narrative manner. To do so, utilizing the staged photography, she has been trying to design the decor of the photographs along the topic and the story of her photograph series. As a result, she can be named as a photographer who tries to narrate a continuous story by directing and creating the sceneries of her stories. Moreover, each photograph in a series keeps its independency from other photos, although it is like a page of a story book. in 2014 she was interviewed by Radio-Zamaneh and also (persian) Deutsche Welle as the narrative photographer; and invited as "Avant-garde photographer" lecturer at Radio-Zamaneh.

With her latest exhibition (Progeria), in Iran she is known as the pioneer photographer combining two styles of Narrative and Staged photography [Asianews, January 31, 2015].


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