Blogs / Online Magazines/ Organizations:

127 Film – is a resource for community, inspiration, and information about 127-format film photography, created and maintained by J. M. Golding.

500 Photographers – the target of this website is embedded in its name.

1000 Words Photography Magazine – is a leading online contemporary photography magazine.


ALC – Adorama Learning Center

Andy Beel FRPS – A Digital Black and White Photography Specialist

aCurator – magazine is edited and published by images industry veteran Julie Grahame.

A Photo Editor – is edited by Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine.

Aint–Bad – is an independent publisher of new photographic art.

All About Photo – photography resources: contests, events, photo-books, listings.


Artist Portfolio Magazine – is a free independent online art magazine that features emerging and established Artists from around the world.

Artspace – their mission is to help collectors and aspiring collectors discover, learn about and collect fine art.

The Art of Creative Photography – presents leading visual artists.


BWGallerist : Black and White Fine Art Photography – is dedicated to promoting fine art photography with special emphasis on Black and White photography.

Booooooom! – is Canada’s highest traffic art platform.

buffet – is a collection of special editions, book + print sets, artist’s books, print/book trades.

Burn Magazine – is an evolving journal for emerging photographers.

blow photo – is published and printed 3 times per year with a limit of only 1,000 editions, making the collection a rare possession for anyone interested in contemporary fine art photography.

British Journal of Photography – Established in 1854, BJP is the world’s longest-running photography magazine.


Conscientious – offers daily profiles of photographers, in-depth interviews, exhibition and book reviews.


Daylight Magazine – is a nonprofit organization dedicated to publishing art and photography books.

Diffusion – is an independent, reader-supported annual magazine that highlights and celebrates artfully crafted photographic artwork.

doc! – is an online publications devoted to documentary and fine art photography, respectively.

Don’t Take Pictures – is a photography magazine published in print twice-yearly (March, September), in addition to regular online articles.


Eyemazing Editions – is the online store for collectors who want to purchase high-quality limited-edition prints.


F-Stop Magazine – is an online photography magazine featuring contemporary photography.

Food For Your Eyes – is a platform to promote, produce, exhibit, publish,photography projects in collaboration with art galleries, photobook publishers.

Fraction Magazine – is an online venue dedicated to fine art, contemporary photography.

Feature Shoot – showcases the work of international emerging and established photographers who are transforming the medium through compelling, cutting-edge projects.


Groundmagazine – is an online bimonthly magazine that is fully dedicated to featuring new works from selected photographers.


Iconic Camera – specialize in offering guides for photography and videography.

iN-PUBLiC – Home for Street Photographers.


LENS – is the photography blog of The New York Times.

LENSCRATCH – is a daily journal that explores contemporary photography and offers opportunities for exposure and community.

Lens Culture – one of the most authoritative resources for contemporary photography.

Landscape Stories – online magazine dedicated to the presentation of stories and photographic work.

Lomography – is a globally-active organization dedicated to analogue, experimental and creative photography.


MONOVISIONS Magazine – Everyday source of Black and White inspirations.


Oitzarisme – Romanian Online Photography Magazine.


Photo Contest Guru – Photography Competition database

Photo Contest Deadlines – Photography Competition final dates

PHOTOGRVPHY Magazine – Documentary and Fine Art Photography Magazine.

Photo-Eye – online photography bookstore.

The Photoblographer – explores the psychology of photographers as they do their work. It also offers reviews, tips, tutorials and news from a lifestyle point of view.

Pogobooks – is an independent publishing company.

Positive Magazine – is a print and on line magazine

Purpose Photo Webmag – free and independent magazine dedicated to the presentation of photographic works.

Photo Contest Calendar – photo contest blog

Photo Index – Your source of photography inspiration

Photo Contest Space – list of photo contest opportunities


Ragazine – the global online magazine of arts


Shots Magazine – is a beautifully printed quarterly journal in world gone digital, not an on-line publication.

SeeSaw Magazine – An Online Photography Magazine

Square Magazine

Svärta – is a feed providing articles in arts, design, tech and basically anything visually attractive.


Urbanautica – is an independent journal about visual anthropology and cultural landscapes that came from humble beginnings, and has now a spread in 4 continents and thousands of followers.