Yuichi Nishihata


Since majoring in food science at the University of Tokyo in 2009, Yuichi Nishihata developed a strong interest in food. While working as a chef after university, Nishihata noticed how much food was being thrown away at the end of his shift and thought deeply about food consumption and how he could show this as a visual statement. His images are based on this – the juxtaposition between natural food stuffs and what Nishihata calls the “super quick mass consumption age”. All his work is based on the coexistence and relationship between nature and human beings.

Text by Helen Grace Ventura Thompson
From “Feature Shoot”





Food as SIM card_1

Food as SIM card_2

Food as SIM card_3

How long is it now?_1

How long is it now_2

How long is it now_3

Candy Sculpture_1

Candy Sculpture_2

Candy Sculpture_3

Food as component color_1

Food as component color_2

Food as component color_3

Food as Object_1

Food as Object_2

Food as object_3

A food, an abstract painting_1

A food, an abstract painting_2

A food, an abstract painting_3

Into the ocean: Untitled#001

Into the ocean: Untitled #002

Central Park, #005, 2011

Central Park, #004, 2011

Central Park #001, 2011

Central Park, #003, 2011

Central Park, #002, 2011