Brad McGinley 1


I've been into photography for about 10 years. I mostly enjoy photographing landscapes, but I like it all including compositions in photoshop. I often create a facsimile of a what I was hoping for if I don't get the weather to cooperate. I'm not a professional, and have sold very little of my work, maybe some day.


Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

Stud Horse Point

Aspen Giraffe

Maroon Bells

Zion National Park

Lone Eagle Peak

Dora Lake

Sunflower silos

Mesa Arch

Aspen Grove

Maroon Bells Milky Way

Sunflower sunset

Windows and Turret Arch

Echo Lake

Turret Arch thru Northh Window

Crested Butte Mtn

Stud Horse Point

The Wave

Antelope Canyon light beam

Pawnee Butte

Aztec grainary

Moon thru North Window

Dead Horse point

Dream Lake

Paint Mines

Crystal Mill

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Indian Peaks Wilderness

Arches National Park

Loch Vale

Lone Eagle Peak

Northern Pelican

Roxborough Park

Cocoa Pier

The Subway