Wilfred Weegee


Wilfred is currently pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Imaging & Photography Major) from the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University. He lived and grew up in a small fishing village at the seaside in Pengerang, Southern Malaysia for 18 years before pursuing his education in Singapore 6 years ago. Wilfred constantly draws inspiration from the sea as he used to and still watches his father go out to sea as a fisherman. Not surprisingly, fishes and sea creatures often take a centre stage in Wilfred's works, which are frequently imbued with a refreshing perspective. A fan of classical painting, he utilises the photographic medium as a painting tool to convey his ideas, often presenting his vision and criticism through dream-like imagery. With Pengerang currently undergoing serious environmental destruction due to the construction of an oil refinery, his works seek to draw attention to and comment on the ongoing happenings in his native hometown.


Bubble Bath




Red Paint