Vinci Weng


Dr. Vinci Weng was born in 1970, Taipei, Taiwan. He received his doctorate (practice-based Ph.D.) from the School of Arts & Digital Industries in the University of East London, UK. He first worked as an Assistant Professor in Communication Design Department at Shih-Chien University in Taipei, and subsequently taught at Fine Art Department in National Kaohsiung Normal University. He is currently Associate Professor of Digital Fine Art at Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan.

He has an excellent track record of creative practice and research output. His research interests include digital fine art, experimental moving image and contemporary photography etc. As a practising artist, he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions. In an artistic practice spanning nearly thirty years, he has made painting, digital still and moving image that explores the surreal relation of the pictorial, theatrical and cinematic perspectives.

From 2012 through to present, Dr. Weng has been awarded with several notable prizes including the 1st Place Winner of Chromatic Awards 2017; the Silver Award and Bronze Award of International Photographer of the Year 2015~2017 – Photography Awards (London, UK); the 3rd Prize Winner in the 1st Fine Art Photography Awards 2015 (London, UK); the 1st Prize Winner in Better Photography – Photograph of the Year Award 2014 (NSW, Australia); Special Jury Prize – Kaohsiung Awards 2014 (Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan); Jury Award of Merit in the International Fine Art Photography Competition (The Grand Prix de la Découverte, Paris, France) 2012; Honorable Mention of the IPA (International Photography Awards) 2013~2015; the Lumen Prize (International Award for Digital Fine Art, UK) Finalist with being one of the fifteen artists selected to be auctioned by Christie’s (London, UK), and his work was published in the book Best of Photography 2014 by Photographer’s Forum magazine (California, USA). His digital stills were selected to participate the International Festival of Electronic Art 404 (Rosario, Argentina) in 2009. Weng’s work has been widely exhibited and collected throughout Taiwan and abroad. As one of the short-listed artists of the Lumen Prize Exhibition in 2012, his work started travelling the world, appearing in top galleries and venues in London, Shanghai and Hong Kong etc. Weng is also one of the finalists for the 156th/158th RPS (Royal Photographic Society) International Print Exhibition (as part of the Photomonth International Photography Festival in East London) at The Old Truman Brewery and The Royal Albert Hall in London, and other venues in the UK.


wonder in the fields

night paradise

the humourous delights

games on water

oceanic garden of delights

night plays

amusement in street market

travellers among hills in midsummer

a wonderful time