Vinci Weng


Dr. Vinci Weng (born in 1970 in Taipei. Lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan) is a practicing artist working primarily with contemporary photography, digital imaging and moving image. In an artistic practice spanning over thirty years, his research interests include modern painting, digital fine art and experimental animation. He adopts the concepts of painting, photography and cinema that addressed some interesting issues of digital art with possibilities to go beyond the limit of still and moving images. His digital still and moving image explores the surreal relation of the pictorial, theatrical and cinematic perspectives.

Weng has an excellent track record of creative practice and research output. As an artist and academic, his research into digital art, experimental animation and contemporary photography has enabled him to participate in numerous exhibitions and receive many awards. His works have been presented internationally at museums and galleries such as YellowKorner Galleries Paris and Basel etc. (2019), The Royal Albert Hall London (2016), The Old Truman Brewery London (2016), National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2016), Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (2016), The Pier-2 Art Centre Kaohsiung (2017), The Business Design Centre London (2014), Gallery 27 London (2013), The Space Hong Kong (2013), FQ Projects Shanghai (2013), Sotheby’s Amsterdam Gallery (2003), The Genia Schreiber University Gallery Tel Aviv (2003), MARS Centre for Contemporary Art Moscow (2003), Association of Photographers Gallery London (2002), Royal West of England Academy Bristol (2001), Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery UK (2001) and Taipei Fine Arts Museum (2001).

Several notable international awards include Chromatic Awards (2017~2018), International Photographer of the Year (2015~2017), Fine Art Photography Awards (2015~2019), La Grande Photo International Awards (2016), The AOP Photography Awards & Expo (2014), International Photography Awards (2013~2018), The RPS International Print Competition (2013~2015), Grand Prix de la Découverte (2012), The Lumen Prize for Art and Technology (2012), International Festival of Electronic Art 404 (2009), ArtLink@Sotheby’s International Young Art (2003) and International Digital Exhibition and Awards (2002). His works have also been widely collected by public and private institutions around the world.

Weng is an Associate Professor at College of Communications, Chinese Culture University in Taipei, and one of the representative artists for YellowKorner (YK) Galleries based in Paris (headquarter) and other major cities worldwide. He is working on new digital-still images. His current practice focuses on the potential of the digital three-dimensional space as a virtual stage for manipulating and transforming two-dimensional photographic images through which to reframe the pictorial scenarios of the still/moving image. He is, simultaneously planning to continue the new research of post-photography in his digital-imaging practice.


wonder in the fields

night paradise

the humourous delights

games on water

oceanic garden of delights

night plays

amusement in street market

travellers among hills in midsummer

a wonderful time