Valentina Bunic 1


Born in 1975, engineer of architecture. Since 2007 she has been involved in photography and started the "Fotonaut" school of photography at the Zagreb Fotoklub. In her work he gives attention to post-production of photography to enhance the visual impression of photography and to obtain atmosphere. Until now she has held on numerous collective and two autonomous exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. Winner of many prizes and recognitions on local and international contests. She publishes her work in various publications and magazines (Fotoblur Magazine, Blur Magazine, Refoto, DigiralFoto magazin, National Geographic Croatia).


Dancing smoke 1

Dancing smoke 2

Dancing smoke 3

Dancing smoke 4

Marionette 1

Marionette 2

Marionette 3

Marionette 4

(Un)usual 1

(Un)usual 2

(Un)usual 3

(Un)usual 4


Start Point

Making the Universe


Poetry morning


Sunset Boulevard 1

Sunset Boulevard 2

Sunset Boulevard 3

Sunset Boulevard 4

Sunset Boulevard 5

Sunset Boulevard 6



¡No Pasarán!



Nike of Samothrace

Beginning of the End 1

Beginning of the End 2

Beginning of the End 3

On the Stage 1

On the Stage 2

On the Stage 3