Trib HüVan 1


My Name is Trib HüVan. I was born in Australia, but have spent the best part of the last 10 years nomadically traveling around the world. I am a visionary photographer, which means I aim to capture photographs that metaphorically represent my inner life and spiritual musings. I draw inspiration from the study and practice of yoga. However, my intrigue spans over esoteric science, sacred geometry, Buddhism, Jungian psychology and wisdom teachings from Aboriginal cultures.

Photography came to me during my early travels. It was a way to visually journal where I was physically traveling to and what I was experiencing. As the old adage goes, a picture captures a thousand words; this was the exact case for me as I had such a hard time with writing. Organically, photography became my truly authentic way to record my travels through both my inner spiritual world and outer existence of physical reality.

My role as a visionary photographer is to act like a medium, listening to universe as she speaks, capturing her words & revealing her message. Like with all visionary art, I hope my photographs can help aid the viewer, possibly as a catalyst or a tool of awakening, to hopefully catch a small reflection of our divinity and open a door of deeper spiritual contemplation.


Yin Yang [2012]

Free? [2013]

Moon Shadow [2011]

Ahamkara [2011]

Disposition [2011]

Observation [2011]

Immerse [2013]

Turiya [2013]

Anitya, Duḥkha & Anātman [2010]

Milnguya [2013]

Cosmic [2012]

Trampled Beauty [2011]

Phoenix Rising [2011]

Into the Abyss [2011]

Mothers Breath [2012]

Overseer [2012]

Burgeoning Awareness [2012]

We Are Watching [2011]

Bodhi [2011]

Daramulum [2011]

Morning Simplicity [2012]

Mountain Crown [2011]

Ommatidia [2012]

Sea Tree [2013]

Shedding [2013]

Shishira [2012]

The Guru [2012]

Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii [2011]

Chasing the Rainbow Serpent [2012]

Thinkin' of You [2009]