Tomas Tison 1


Thanks to photography, I see the world that surrounds me differently than before. Photography has made me think about things I ignored in the past. Photo is like a canvass for a painter; it allows me to express my ideas.
Currently, I dedicate most of my time to black-and-white photography. Shades of black and white adding dramatic accents to a photo, help better express my intentions and enhance the rendering of my vision. These are the photos, in which I frequently use a combination of long exposure with a minimalist composition.





Field loner

Follow me

Lonely chapel

Water tree

In waves

Elgol - Isle of Skye

Evening silhouette

Star Hunter

Forest family

Furrows II

Frost and silence

Winter solitaire


In the wave

Alone in fields

Beyond the horizon

Field lines

Field waves


I see you

On the hill