My name's Jacob Sacks-Jones and I'm a London-born photographer and videographer, who has been taking pictures since the age of 14. My photography covers a diverse range of genres, but I have particular experience in photojournalism, portraiture, fashion and street photography.

My work has been published in national newspapers, featured in text books, on national television and exhibited at the National Theatre. As a photojournalist, I am NUJ-accredited and specialise in covering protest in and around London. My love of the visual arts is primarily motivated by an interest in people and narrative - subjects that unite my work.

I currently work from the studio at my South London home, but do much of my photography out of the studio on location or at events. I use both digital and film photography, developing and printing my own black and white film photographs, using traditional darkroom methods.

I work under the name tinite photography. My website hosts my recent work, my collections, an online portfolio and blog.

You can connect with tinite photography on Twitter (@tinitedotcom),
Facebook (http://facebook.com/tinitephotography),
Tumblr (http://tinite.tumblr.com) and
Instagram (http://instagram.com/tinitephotography).