Teresa Neal


When taking photographs my intention is to connect with the subject in order to convey the essence and spirit of that person or place. I then create a narrative subtext using elements in the environment.
Often there is an uneasy feel to the images that can be unnerving. I aim for a sense of subdued drama with a sense of anticipation.
I have exhibited in the UK and internationally in both museum and gallery shows. I have been honoured by and won different awards mostly for landscape photography. My work has also been featured in Zoom magazine and on the Miami arts blog WUM when I took part in the Miami Biennale in 2013.
The updated edition of my book Industrial Coastline is now directly available through my website, check Maiden Publishing UK for sellers. Limited print run.
My image 'Charing Cross Dusk' is part of the Mifa best of show tour having been shown at Fotoloft Moscow and The Rooftop Gallery Bangkok.


© Teresa Neal Vignette

©Teresa Neal Autumn Steps

©Teresa Neal Ethnographic Corner

©Teresa Neal Fools Gold

©Teresa Neal Journey

©Teresa Neal Sunlit Branch

©Teresa Neal Deserted

©Teresa Neal Tree Cloud

©Teresa Neal Ethnographic Corner 2

©Teresa Neal The Cloud

©Teresa Neal Mound

©Teresa Neal Construction Batumi

©Teresa Neal Trenches

©Teresa Neal Jetty

©Teresa Neal Industrial Moorings

©Teresa Neal Boat Docking

©Teresa Neal Red Door

©Teresa Neal Minuete

©Teresa Neal Wind Farm

©Teresa Neal Industry Newhaven

©Teresa Neal

©Teresa Nea lHouse at Dungeness

©Teresa Neal Community Power

©Teresa Neal RH&D Railway

©Teresa Neal Community at Dungeness

©Teresa Neal Warehouse

©Teresa Neal Industrial Coastline

©Teresa Neal Batumi

©Teresa Neal Resevoir

©Teresa Neal

©Teresa Neal Charing Cross Dusk

Newhaven Grey © Teresa Neal

©Teresa Neal

©Teresa Neal