Taylor Jorjorian


I am a contemporary photographic artist born 1985 in Nashville, Tennessee. Aside from an apprenticeship I am predominately self taught. The truth is I never really decided to become an artist, for as long as I can remember I just always knew I was one. When I decided upon photography as my medium of choice I knew I did not want to take photographs I wanted to create them. Wanting more control over my imagery I spent several years developing a method that would allow me to create photographs with the same freedom a painter has on a canvas. This resulted in the creation of my Liberum method. A method for making photographs that is focused on creating what is in front of the camera. This approach allows me to escape the viewfinder and create images from imagination and memory. Using this method has provided me with the freedom needed to produce the images in my body of work Photographic Surreal Impressionism. Though I prefer to keep the specifics of my techniques to myself I will say that all of my work is strictly photographic in nature. There is no digital manipulation or the use of any other medium involved in the production of my imagery.


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Truth Unfathomable

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