Stacey Northcotte


Stacey Northcotte began her career as a professional photographer in 2008 at the age of 17. Though best know professionally as a commercial and portrait photographer she enjoys spending her free time practicing fine art photography.

Stacey enjoys shooting in the studio and on location. Her style is heavily influenced by her unconventional childhood and an interest in the fine arts since a young age. Staceys active imagination allows her to find the beauty and story in her surroundings. Even under pressure, she strives to put her creative energy into every project. Stacey believes in art as medication and enjoys sketching, graphic design and coffee. Stacey currently resides in Alberta, Canada with her boyfriend and two cats. When not working with clients in her studio or on assignments she can most often be found posing and photographing friends.


Pulvis et umbra sumus.






It Could Be Magic.

Smoke Noir.


In Bloom