Shizuka Minami


Shizuka Minami was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1979. She attended the International Center of Photography’s Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Program in 2005. She is specialized to take photos of carnivals, festivals, sports features, portraits of athletes, and sports events including MLB, LPGA, Track and Field etc.

Her major publications are Sports Graphic Number, Golf Digest Online Japan, Albatross-View, Weekly Golf Digest, Choice, Kyodo Press (Japan) Sports Illustrated, PDN, Popular Photo Magazine, American Photo Magazine, Hey, Hot Shots! (U.S.A.) among others.

Also, She has selected several photo awards including PDN World In Focus, American Photo Images of the Year, PDN the Great Outdoors. Her works have exhibited various galleries including Canon Gallery in Tokyo, Ricoh Ring Cube in Tokyo, Soft Box Studio Limited in Trinidad and Tobago, among others.


The Canirval in Trinidad and Tobago

New Year's Swim in NY

The Canirval in Trinidad and Tobago

New York City Marathon

West Indian American Day Parade in NY

The Canirval in Trinidad and Tobago

The Canirval in Trinidad and Tobago

Clubbing in NYC

Air Guitar World Championships in Finlad

Air Guitar High Altitude Training Camp in Finland

Jamaica Track and Field Trials