ruben redondo


I am 34 years old and I am from the Basque Country. I live in Oiartzun, a town near Donostia-San Sebastian. The landscapes in the surroundings provide to me with infinite opportunities to find different focuses compositions, to express different moments and emotions. At the moment, I am not working, I am unemployed. We all know that the times we are living are complicated. I would like to fully make my life out of photography and being able to work on it, but there are not so many options in this job.I’ve like photography since I was a child. When I was 17 I bought my first reflex analogical camera, and I started getting more involved in the world of photography by watching old photos, following other photographers, buying photography-related magazines… After some time, I decided to study photography to know more about composition, styles… This was a one year course that I attended in 2009. After that course, I bought everything that was necessary to improve my pictures and to take my hobby more seriously.I have learned by myself. I look at other photographers work, of course, but I give to my work my personal touch, my style. I like to put some light where there is no light, I always look for the shade, the sun…. and if they are not there, I just put them in so that I can guide the observer’€s eye in order to go through the entire picture. If I had to give a photographer’€s name, I would say Robert Capa, because of what he expresses in his pictures, because of the history in them (historia de las fotos?) / because of his trajectory (lo que le ha pasado a él)… I also like Tina Modotti’s work because of her portraits and her protest pictures. And, Robert Doisneau is a reference because of what he transmits with his pictures.