Rafal Makiela 2


Rafal Makiela is 40 years old, from Wroclaw in Poland. His photography began 10 years ago, the impulse of interest in this field of art was the born of his daughter Maksymilianna. The desire to immortalize every day of her life led to his interest in photography. And so it became his passion. Slowly Rafał learned following the best photographers and practicing constantly. He was looking for theme of expression in different fields of photography. Finally one day he came across the pictures of Zena Holloway and he decided to accomplish something as spectacular as her pictures (Rafal still follows the best). Rafal Makiela is a professional photographer that specializes in underwater fashion photography, commercial advertising, and weddings. His works evoke a sense of dreamlike wonder and have appeared in several newspapers and periodicals in the form of advertisements and editorials.
So he says of his photographs:"The underwater world is something mysterious and magical. Everything is different, there is no defined end to the bottom or top. Gravity law almost does not apply, the light propagates differently, sometimes completely unpredictable. Here, almost everything you dream is possible. Each vision and the idea is feasible."