Paul Ozzello 1


My work over the last decade has primarily focused around my search of landscapes altered by man.

Living among others is a paradox and the fruit of my creative tension. I need others, yet I flee them in search of peace and my profound need for solitude. When I explore a region, a city, an industrial site, I try to illustrate this paradoxical sentiment. Man created these sublime structures sometimes even defying their natural surroundings, and I am in admiration. These structures contain their own mysteries, traces of the past that are a testament of how man once gave life to them. In these deserted landscapes is a silent presence of others. This presence nourishes me. My images are a testament to the tragic passing of time, death, abandonment and the precarity of man's dominance over nature.

My work takes shape through my search to reveal the beauty of emptiness and waste. Emptiness as the nonsensical futility of our struggles; we are insignificant, physically and temporally and all that we do, all that we have done and accomplished for thousands of years to ensure our survival, nevertheless contains a life force that fascinates me. My black and white photographs are portraits of factories and buildings that might still be in use; I travel and explore areas that are capable of echoing silent and omnipresent truth, an inherent furtive pattern I am trying to capture and immobilize in my images.

My compositions are sober and minimalist and reflect the appeasement I feel when photographing my subjects.