Piotr Jęczeń 1


I was born in Poland in 1979.
My first photographs I made at the old town of Lublin - the city where I was born.
Photography has been my passion for many years.
I have always believed that every picture speaks a special message, as much as any other form of art does to the viewer.
I belive that even using only black and white photography techniques you can still be a colorist.
My fascination is photography of landscapes and architecture. I believe the most important quality of a photograph, as in all of art, is to evoke an emotional response.
My camera is just a tool I use to achieve my final results, the images you see here. I believe that we should all remember that a tool will always be nothing more than a tool - only in the hands of an artist it can help create beauty.

My passion makes my world go round. Can't live without it ! :)


Sea Story

When The Wind Blows


Great Belt Bridge

Sea Story

Sea Story

Sea Story

Light On

Great Belt Bridge

The Fog

The Path Goes Forever On

Factory Chimneys



Sea Story

Sea Story

Rocky Shore

Always Somewhere

The Brightening

Infinite Silence

Rocky Shore

Bridge To Nowhere

Castle On The Water

Awaiting For Storm

The End Is Here

Dovercourt Lower Lighthouse


A Path To Lighthouse

Penmon Lighthouse

This Moment Is Eternity

Lone Tree Llyn Padarn

Portland Bill's Red Crane

One Step To The Sea Below

Not Really Alone

Edge Of The Kimmeridge Bay