The first thing that comes to mind when you look at Pierre Gable's work is that he has a world of his own. A universe made of shadow ... and light of
course, since one does not exist without the other. More than a subject, the being observed by the objective of the photographer is a reflection. The way in which it is put into a situation makes the whole evokes more an emotion, a state of mind, a thought than a state of places and bodies. The motivation of Pierre Gable : passion. Portrait, landscape, the photographer touches all the textures, all the lights, all the colors. Colors are always powerful, whatever the mode. In black and white or in color, the dark and the light seem to have fought a battle of which only the best remains. His disturbing universe with sooty hues, which constantly play with shadows and lights, arouses in us a threatening power. From then on, thanks to his photographs, where the contrasts are battlefield and where nuances are embraced, Pierre Gable takes us slowly in the passion
of his work. Marked by a strong onirism, a suspension of time and an invitation to explore, his works can not leave the viewer of marble. Passionate about cinema and literature, it is through his art that he
tells us his stories full of emotions. Pierre Gable, goes beyond a work on the aesthetics of his images; The meeting with the other, with his gaze is
necessary. His works are awarded and exhibited internationally, they also illustrate many works of literature.


He even sculpted the clouds-© Pierre Gable

Marble Reflections © Pierre Gable

Tatto © Pierre Gable

Pray © Pierre Gable

Ghost © Pierre Gable

Waitting © Pierre Gable

Valensole © Pierre Gable

loneliness © Pierre Gable

Spring © Pierre Gable

Behind the windows © Pierre Gable

Cigarette © Pierre Gable

Hand © Pierre Gable

Mists-© Pierre Gable

White Dress © Pierre Gable

Behind the windows-© Pierre Gable

Paris&Polka-© Pierre Gable

What the Fuck-© Pierre Gable

Cousson-© Pierre Gable

Childhood-© Pierre Gable

The White Dress-© Pierre Gable

Blast-© Pierre Gable

LOVE-© Pierre Gable

Body&Soul-© Pierre Gable

The little red dress © Pierre Gable

LONDON © Pierre Gable

IN THE WHEAT © Pierre Gable

ATLANTA © Pierre Gable

PARIS © Pierre Gable