Phil Newberry 1


Based in South-East England and interested in a variety of photographic disciplines but I tend to concentrate mostly on producing fine art landscape and nature, often in black and white.

I've always found creativity fulfilling and have been a keen, but not serious, photographer for many, many years, shooting first with film SLRs and then progressing on to digital SLRs once the technology started to improve. Not being able to draw to save my life frustrated my creativity. However, having been working in IT throughout my career allowed me to combine the potential that digital photography offered with the tools that photography and graphical applications provided. That's when things started to get more serious.

Producing fine art allows me the creative freedom to use techniques that result in an image that reveal an alternative reality, uncovering hidden aspects of the subject. For example, long exposure photography is a technique that allows the capturing of the magic and beauty of a scene that the human eye would never otherwise see, yet it is still reality.


Hallgrímskirkja at Night

Dark Hedges - Study I


The Jaguar

Búðakirkja Church, Búðir, Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland - Study II


The Shard - Study II

Above Gullfoss - Study II

Lóndrangar Bird Rock - Study I

Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks - Study II

The Mount

On the prowl

Dandelion Seed Head

Please sir, can I have some more?

Southern White Rhino Grazing

Samhain Sunrise at Bodiam

Castle Silver

Hopscotch for Giants II

Dungeness Boat, 2013

Rocket to the Moon

Skógafoss Reflected - Study I

St Benets Level Draining Mill, Norfolk

Three Steps to Heaven

Final Destination


Beacon - Study I

Beacon - Study II



The Watchman - Study IV




Fisherman's Retreat