Paulo Dias


My images have a Human connection, something that links the presence of Man to Nature, and sometimes I find the opposite: Nature taking the place of Man. It is an almost magnetic attraction and an exciting challenge to create a surrealistic rendering that is able to convey such connection.

Paulo Dias was born in 1970 and lives today in Oeiras - Portugal. Had professional training in electronics and worked as a computer technician. In 1999 established a company specialized in printing maintenance services. He has always been a keen photographer for family photos without big pretensions, but he always enjoyed photography art of others through magazines, books and exhibitions. Only in 2007 he took a more serious and ambitious contact with photography art. Fully self-taught, he adopted a method of observation and experimentation to develop its self-criticism, culminating in a vision of his very own work. The proximity of the sea coast and an almost daily visual contact with the sea made the landscape photography his passion.