Patty Carroll 1


As a photographic artist, I believe we are in the world, not just in our studios. Photographers observe, comment, criticize, and make fun of the worlds we live in by interacting with reality, and visibly displaying those perceptions in images. My training was as a straight, documentary photographer, but I stray also back into the studio to make up fictional worlds. I believe that every artist has a moment or time in his/her life that is a defining point for one’s life view. As we struggle to discover it, we repeat work trying to either recreate that moment, or possibly redefine it. As our inner and outer worlds collide, photography seems to be the most satisfying way of expressing that convergence.


$ Pawn, Memphis

Bar, Miami

Cadillac, Las Vegas

Capri Motel, NM

Cocktails, Fort Worth

Courtesy Motel, Urbana

Doughnuts, Miami

Eat Bar Good Food, Florida

El Tapatio, Chicago

Fatburger, Las Vegas

Flamingo with drink, Las Vegas

Fountain, Miami

Billy Bob's, Fort Worth

Fuel Center, Illinois

Hap's BBQ, Arizona

Hearts, Miami

Doors, Las Vegas

Morrison's, Michigan City

Motel Hell, Michigan

Pillow Talk, Chicago

Pizzeria, Italy

Roma Pizza, Michigan City

Chicken, Las Vegas

Santa Pool, Pompano Beach

Skyways, Los Angeles

Starry Pool, Las Vegas

Superdawg, Chicago

Vacancy, Daytona Beach

Wheat & Rye, Detroit