Patrick Bryson


My name's Patrick (or Pax) I am a Photographer /artist, Internationally Published. Small town is who I am. I was home-schooled for spiritual reasons. My heart is of a dirt poor country boy whose dream is still intact. I grew up that way, in poverty. Still to this day it sometimes cleaves to my heart. But I've tried to make a quiet place for myself & to be an example. And make a way for others that have less now.
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::In short::
· I'm a total geek!!! · Comedian · Introverted Extrovert · I cant fight dragons! · Hate paper-cuts that itch. · Wannabe Rocker sometimes,
· Writer, Poet & helpless romantic · Fixer / Metal Fabricator · Teacher · Caregiver · Minister of "Faith by Love" · Consecrated Christian.
· And I'm a Ginger too.

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Seeing it may be simple and plain though you haven't much to gain But when your dancing in the rain A moment stands still like sand or grain Never bleating faster than hearts refrain A moment stands still to forget the pain Its a simple thing to remember a stain Simple to find what's in a name Because seeing inside is not the same Title: Dancing rain light field 1/2 sec 28mm@3.0 iso: 100 no flash no nd filter S Caldwell St. near front of @ Transylvania Community Arts Council

Waves of tall grass sways, Like threads of glass

Reflections of Fog

Silvermont Mansion

Where the words are unspoken.

"Non sibi sed patriae", "Not for self but for country"

The Door

Wrapped up within