Paola de Grenet 1


When I started working as a photographer, in London in 1999, it was just another medium for me to illustrate my fantasies. I started doing editorial work, for the likes of The Guardian, The Sunday Times Magazine and Penguin Publishers, and continued to work with Spanish magazines after moving to Barcelona in 2003. By that stage, my photographs had become a tool for me to express my curiosity for the world (and we live in a very curious world indeed). But mainly -- and this is most visible in personal projects like "Albino Beauty", "Pink Dreams" and "Life as a Transsexual" -- photography for me is about the relationship between dreams and reality, both in others and myself. By learning about other people's struggles, with identity, innocence, prejudice and beauty, I learn about my own. Photography is what connects me to the outside world.

NEW FIGURATIONS collective exhibition, 3Punts, Berlin
LIBERARTI: collective exhibition ”GOTHIC BEAUTY”, Trieste (Italia)
GETXOPHOTO festival, with the projects “Pink dreams” AND “GROWING UP”, Getxo (Spain)
SWAB art fair, project “A dog´s life”, with the gallery 3Punts, Barcelona (Spain)
OBIETTIVI OBIETTIVITÁ, moving collective exhibition,Officine fotografiche, Roma (Italy)
OBBIETTIVO DONNA, Officine Fotograficeh, Roma (Italy)
FNAC ITALIA, moving exhibition, project Pink Dreams
SIFEST, Savignano, , project “Albino Beauty”, (Italia)
ARTFAIR 21, project “Albino Beauty”, gallery 3Punts, Cologne, (Germany)
BERLINELISTE, project “Pink Dreams”, gallery 3Punts, Berlin (Germany)
MADRIDFOTO, project “Pink Dreams”, gallery 3Punts, Madrid (Spain)
”DOMESTIC”/CAJA MADRID selected with the project “Pink Dreams”, Barcelona (Spain)
ESPACIO ATLANTICO, project “Albino Beauty”, gallery 3Punts, Vigo, (Spain)
PHOTO MADRID, project “Pink Dreams”, gallery 3Punts, Madrid (Spain)
ART FAIR21, project “Albino Beauty”, gallery 3Punts, Colone (Germany)
PHOTOMIAMI, project “Albino Beauty”, gallery 3Punts, Miami (U.S.A.)
ESTAMPA, project “Albino Beauty”, gallery 3Punts, MADRID (Spain)
BAC09, project “Pink Dreams”, Barcelona (Spain)
BERLINELISTE, project “Albino Beauty”, gallery 3Punts, Berlin (Germany)
LICC, award exhibition, project “Albino Beauty”, London (U.K.)
AOP open award exhibition, series”Neapolitans”, London (U.K.)
“ALBINO BEAUTY”, solo show, gallery 3Punts, Barcelona (Spain)
PHOTOMADRID, project “Albino Beauty”, gallery 3Punts, Madrid (Spain)
ART MADRID, project “Albino Beauty”, gallery 3Punts, Madrid (Spain)
FUNDACIÒ VILACASAS, awards exhibition, Girona (Spain)
FESTIVALE DELLA FOTOGRAFIA, project “A perfect day”, collective “Los Purificados”, Rome (Italy)
SALA NARANJA, collective “Los Purificados”, Valencia (Spain)
CAIXA FORUM:, Foto Pres 07, project”The Albinos of the Rioja Argentina”, Barcelona (Spain)
5ª BIENALE DE FOTOGRAFIA DE VIC, award exhibition, Vic (Spain)
GALERIA SON SPACE, collective exhibition ”Una Habitaciò propria”, Palafrugell (Spain)
BAC06, project “Albino Beauty”, Barcelona (Spain)
MUSEU DE HISTORIA DE LA CIUTAT, collective exhibition, Barcelona (Spain)
STREET CASTING, collective exhibition, London (U.K.)
MESSAGES, Colville Gallery, London (U.K)

winner of the Prize Marco Pesaresi, Italy
finalist in the competition GRIN, Italy
finalist in the AOP open award, London, U.K.
finalist in the LICC competition, London, U.K.
winner of the grant “FotoPres 07”, Spain
finalist”NOVA MIRADAS-OLLADAS”, Galicia, Spain
winner in the NOTODOFOTOFEST competition, Spain
finalist in DESCUBRIMIENTOS, PHE Madrid, Spain

GetxoPhoto2012 (Getxo 2012), Domestic (Barcelona 2010), 3Punts Barcelona (2009), Caixa Forum (Barcelona 2007), and other exhibitions, art and photography fairs like PhotoMiami, Berlineliste and ArtMadrid.
Winner of the Marco Pesaresi Prize, Italy (2009)
Finalist in the competition GRIN, Italy (2009)
Finalist in the AOP open award, London, U.K. (2009)
Finalist in the LICC competition, London, U.K. (2008)
Winner of the grant “FotoPres 07”, Spain (2006)
EXIT magazine
Ojo de Pez
Virginia Quarterly Review


Ana /series "Albino Beauty"

Daud I /series "Albino Beauty"

Tamara /series "Albino Beauty"

Dani /series "Albino Beauty"

Paddle /series "A dog's life"

4, Vincent/series "Growing up"

Beata / series "Pink Dreams"

Mara / series "A dog's life"

3, Gala / series "Growing up"

Sadal / series "A dog's life"

Emily (21) / series "Barely Legal"

Jessica (21) / series "Barely Legal"

Maria (21)/ series "Barely Legal"

Lada / series "A dog's life"

Io (19)/ series "Barely Legal"

Talia (21)/ series "Barely Legal"

Superalex/series "Pink Dreams"

4,Oscar /series series "Growing up"