Nezih Tavlas


Nezih Tavlas took up photography while a student at the faculty of journalism and public relations in the 1980s. As a reporter his news photos had been published in both national and international magazines & newspapers. When his 18-year journalism career has taken him to war zones such as Iraq, Somaila he ended his career as a journalist but he continues to take documentary photos from street and daily life...


Brighton's Pebbles / The pebble beach /BRIGHTON UK Colour Print (1987)

Child Labour / Children provided labour in the informal urban economy, for seasonal agricultural work and as domestics. 1.6 million children between the ages of 6 and 17 years of age were economically active./ ANKARA Turkey B&W Print (1988)

Dinner at Sea / Amasra BARTIN Turkey (2010)

Dry Bridge Market / TBILISI Georgia (2010)

Earlybird / Fisherman leaves for fishing in the early hours of the morning / BARTIN Turkey (2010)

Flag Maker ANKARA Turkey (2007)

Flood of Kurdish Refugees /Iraqi Kurdish refugee and his son. MUS Turkey B&W Print (1989)

Hair's Breadth from Death / I was in the Al Rasheed Hotel in downtown Baghdad during the Gulf War when a Tomahawk cruise missile hit the hotel (the moment of impact was captured live by CNN). At the time, journalists and 200 delegates from 51 countries were attending an Islamic conference in support of Saddam Hussein. BAGHDAD Iraq Slide-Print (1993)

Marines on Parade / Maritime & Cabotage Day Parade / Kadiköy ISTANBUL Turkey (2007)

Pigeon Friend ANKARA Turkey (2007)

Refugee Dormitory / TBILISI (2010)

Istiklal Street ISTANBUL Turkey (2008)

Talking Silhouettes / Amasra BARTIN Turkey (2010)

Father & Son / Cakraz BARTIN Turkey (2007)

Snow Blanket / Güvenpark ANKARA Turkey (2011)

The Curve of Life / Fribourg Switzerland (1992)

Turkish Girls/ During the Carrot and Stew Festival is held every first weekend of June, in Beypazarı, Ankara Province (Turkey), High School Girls Folk Dancing Team in their traditional costumes/ Beypazari ANKARA Turkey (2007)

Women's Bazaar KONYA Turkey (2009)

Yellow Cab / New York, USA (2012)

Apple Store / Covent Garden, London UK (2010)

Hands of Rain / ...nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands. E.E.Cummings The maternity nurse staff was taking care of newborn baby in Zekai Tahir Burak Maternity Hospital, Ankara, Turkey, 2012 (This photo was selected by United Nations Plus Advisory Group and featured in their 2013 Calendar. It was also exhibited for public viewing on World Aids Day (WAD) in UNAIDS Headquarters in Geneva and after the exhibition they sold this photo to help raise funds for a charity in Haiti.)

Open Buffet / Queen's Walk, London UK (1987)

Light inside the tunnel / The Umberto I Tunnel, Rome Italy (2013)

The Gold Sea / Fisherman coming back home... / Bartin Turkey (2007)

Ara Guler / World-famous Turkish Armenian Photojournalist Born August 16, 1928 in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey (2007)

Fear of Flying / World-famous Turkish Armenian Photojournalist ARA GÜLER (2009)

Under The Rain / Rome Italy (2013)

Crutch / London UK (1987)

Shapes Of Life / Turkey (2013)