Mohammad Rafiee


Mohammad Rafiee is an award-winning, internationally-published fine art photographer living in Ottawa, Canada. He is a university researcher/teacher and a self-taught photographer who discovered digital photography in 2012. He was then immediately attracted by fine art photography, and he has been tirelessly exploring the scenes among the world, near and far. He captures those magical moments which represent the reality or fragments of them as he perceives them, and then transforms them into eternal fine art. His photography interests are primarily architectural and landscape, which especially lend themselves to black and white conversion using long exposure techniques. He loves the process of finding a creative composition.


The Aperture

The Crystalline Cliff

The realm of light and modernity

The Peak

The Couple

The Convergence

Framed City

The Citic

The Arcaded Crescents

Gateway to Iran (I)

The Oriental

Spiral City

The Fallen Tree

The Parliament

The Waves

The Lightscrapers

Gateway to Iran (II)

Gateway to Iran (III)

The Tsing Ma Bridge

Sri Wawasan Bridge (I)

Gateway to Iran (IV)

Gateway to Iran (V)

Undulating Shells

The Shining

Sri Wawasan Bridge (III)

Sri Wawasan Bridge (II)

City of Dreams Macau