Michael Acosta began his career as a amateur photographer in 2000. Though best know as a black and white photographer he is also a Landscape and food industry photographer. Michael has photographed weddings and events in Manila for over 5 years. His work was chosen in various communities like 1x, 500px and National Geographic. Michaels unique blend of style is developed from a broad range of artistic and photographic experience. Michael is comfortable and relaxed in both the studio and shooting on location, possessing the uncanny ability to be creative even under pressure. He currently lives in Manila, Philippines with his wife Sabrina. For more intensive bio please visit http://www.michaelacosta-photography.com/


88 - 2014

Eternal -2014

ARC -2014

River Express -2014

Roots - 2014

Energize - 2014

The Village in Mono - 2104

White Knight -2014

stilt - 2014