Matthew Morpheus


Matthew Morpheus (Sergey Matveychenko), born in Ukraine, owner of several international awards (Beijing. Moscow and New York) and author of non-commercial publications as “Zero Emotion” and “Elysium”, as well as the book “Philosophy of the XXI Century: On the Other Side of Truth”. He is the author of two techniques in abstractionism and the nominee for the “Heritage 2015” award. Favorite saying – “There are no good or bad people, there are only right or wrong decisions.” and “Any problem has a solution if the palm contains a charged Colt”.

"Accidents are not accidental. Each drop in the fragment of the picture creates the illusion of a new scale. This is an illusion - a microcosm in the macrocosm. Hundreds of hours of painstaking work and incredible patience. The very idea of showing the fragmented nature of the world through structured chaos worried me from childhood. And, after so many times, I finally created the Microcosm in the Macrocosms. Every element is in its place. And each element is unique, like a person." - says the author of his works.

Creative activity of the artist takes place in Ukraine. For several years, he lived in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is one of the flagships of contemporary art in the use and finding of new styles in both painting and graphics. In his works, the artist combines "seemingly unrelated" to the creativity of materials: aerosol paint, fluorescent paint, gel pens, and other strange materials. The works of the artist fully convey the entire atmosphere of the 21st Century New Age concept, with its unique new cultural diversity and unusual genres and ideas.


Matthew_Morpheus_Conquistador__2017_Gelly roll pen on paper_21,8''х30,1'' (56.0х76.0 сm)

Matthew_Morpheus_Eden_2013_Aerosol spray paint on paper_59,8''х78,7'' (152х200 сm)

Matthew_Morpheus_Fairy Tail_2013_Aerosol spray paint on paper_59,8''х78,7'' (152х200 сm)

Matthew_Morpheus_Rainbow symphony_2017_Gelly roll pen on paper_21,8''х30,1'' (56.0х76.0 сm)

Matthew_Morpheus_The first after God_2017_Gelly roll pen on paper_21,8''х30,1'' (56.0х76.0 сm)

Matthew_Morpheus_Neon kids_2017_Gelly roll pen on paper_21,8''х30,1'' (56.0х76.0 сm)

Matthew_Morpheus_The rejected personality_2013_Gelly roll pen on paper_8,3''х11,7'' (21,0х29,7 сm)

Matthew_Morpheus_Whales_2013_Gelly roll pen on paper_11,7''х8,3'' (29,7х21,0 сm)

The way of a pilgrim

Free Personality