I'm not sure if it was a dream, if it actually happened,
or if it's some combination of the two...

I was a child walking through the redwood forest on a hill behind the
house I grew up in. The forest was thick, dark, and quiet. I was following
a faint deer path that led farther into the forest than I had been thus far.
I came to a small open area amid thick second-growth that held one
delicate trillium flower illuminated by a ray of sunshine that found it's
way to the forest floor. I was completely enchanted by the soft violet
flower and carefully crouched close to it, drawn in by an incredible and
new feeling. I wasn't sure what to make of it, just that I liked it and felt
compelled to stay with it...

I hope everyone loves the place they grew up as much as I love the
redwood range. Since childhood, where my back yard was a redwood
forest, I've been seeking out places of natural beauty just because it
feels good. After years of day hiking, mountain biking, backpacking,
and sunset watching, a camera was added to my pack and things
started to change. At first, disposable cameras allowed me to share
views from some amazing places, which I seemed to have a habit of
finding. As time passed and my abilities improved and camera upgraded,
photography became a main objective of outdoor adventures. These days
I tend to plan trips around photography, which fits seamlessly with my
desire to seek beauty.


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