Michela Griffith 1


Michela Griffith’s images combine an early love of drawing and painting with a long-standing passion for photographing the landscape. Many of her images celebrate the ephemeral beauty of water and the resultant portfolio has led to membership of the professional artists’ group, Peak District Artisans, and a number of solo exhibitions. This ‘Liquid Light’ has transformed her image making and also inspires her to experiment with movement in and through the landscape.

Michela interviews other photographers for and contributes the occasional article to On Landscape magazine.


Ice on Rust

Nature As Artist

Dark Shadow


Siren Song

Green Force

Drawn by the Light

Black Reed


Falling Over


Day Dream

The Colour Collector

Summer's Breath

Surpirse Birch III

Bar Code Trees

The Field


The Reflecting Pool, series #0447

The Reflecting Pool, series #0489

The Reflecting Pool, series #0437

Tree Play

All the Best Lines