Michael Gray 3


Born in London, UK, and now living near Clapham Common in South London, Michael’s fascination with photography began when he purchased his first SLR camera the Minolta 7000 in 1985. Photographing initially in colour he soon became dissatisfied with the results and took a correspondence course in photography.

Inspired by the black and white work of Ansel Adams he built his own black and white darkroom where he would spend many hours practising the art with the black and white medium giving Michael full control of the creative process. His style has evolved over the years and recent work includes his local environment either early morning or under the cover of darkness.

Michael’s slow methodical approach to photography combines perfectly with his use of medium format and 5x4 cameras which have become his main tools for creative work in recent years.
Michael uses the zone system for film exposure and development although darkroom printing has recently been replaced by digital printing using the latest pigment digital printers and baryta papers.


Frozen waterfall study 1

Train crossing Grosvenor bridge in fog

Headstones, West Norwood cemetery

Lamp bandstand, Clapham Common

Seven Sisters cliffs study 1

Seven Siters cliffs, storm clouds

Seven trees, Fog

Clapham common, snow, night, study 9

Straw bales

Three trees, Clapham Common

View from Pagoda, Battersea park


Wilmington Long Man and cloud

Adjustable wrench

Battersea bridge study 6, night

Battersea power station,study 5

Moon and Big Ben

Clapham Common,study 3,foggy night

Design office

Foggy Clapham Common

Battle Abbey study 6

Bodiam Castle study 2

Clearing mist, Avebury

Hackpen Hill

London eye

Three onions study 1

Three rocks

Tower of London, storm clouds

Calla Lily

City hall study 5

Corn on the cob

Lamp, mist, Clapham Common

Single form

Clapham common, snow, night, study 7


Clapham Common,study 5,foggy night