Previously an assignment photographer for Liaison Agency and Getty Assignments, Matthew Pace applies 25 years of experience to commercial and publication clients.

His active career keeps him on the road traveling the US and Europe on assignments photographing people, places and things, while maintaining his direction on his fine art. His current focus is on food, giving it “Visual Flavor” as well as portraits of the people involved in the industry

As past president and vice president of ASMP  (American Society of Media Photographers) South Florida, he led his chapter with educational programs and interactive support for charities that helped to benefit The Heart Gallery, Save the Children and helped to create the Light of Florida, an ongoing collection of over 600 images from professional media photographers that tour the state in galleries. He is active on several community boards, teaches photography at local institutions, and serves on panels for aspiring young photographers.

Matthew is the also founder of Fine Art Photographers, an online international community of over 4,200 members who share knowledge, techniques, resources, and their passion for photography as an art form.

..”for me the camera is a passport allowing me access to places and lives, opening doors often inaccessible to most; a privileged trip welcomed and relished.With it I become witness,confessor, confident, and admirer of subject and place…From it,I accept the responsibility to the present and to the record for the future.Stealing a moment and holding it forever,as a portal to the future’s past, making we photographers, thieves of time.” …matthew pace


" In the South"..from Iphonography

"Boardwalk..Seaside Heights,N.J."

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