Masako Kano


Born in Tokyo, received Master of Arts in NYC, after 12 years in London as a banker, studied photography with Diego Ortiz Mugica, photography theory with Dr. Piroska Csuri, Buenos Aires, Argentina where she resides now.
Series of Argentine Women Portraits with her calligraphy fused with photographic images, entitled "Essence" were exhibited at Killka gallery, Salentein winery, Valle de Uco, Mendoza, from September 13, 2014 until November 29, 2014. In 2015, she exhibited solo at Consejo Cultural, Viamonte 1465, Buenos Aires from March 12 to May 11 entitled "Reflections", her future exhibitions include the group art show entitled "Roots and Wings" at Ateneo Gran Splendid, 1860 Sante Fe, Buenos Aires from December 9, 2015 to January 29 , 2016. ¨Sound of Silence¨ was awarded 1st prize for Creative category in Stark Award 2015, joining the winner´s exhibition in April, 2016 in Canada organised by Stark Magazine, and also on 29th of November, selected honorable mention in Fine Art -Abstract in professional photographers for ND Award 2015 for her newest photograph entitled ¨Spring Haiku¨.


Not Ophilia©Masako Kano

Catharsis©Masako Kano

Passion©Masako Kano

Sound of Silence©Masako Kano

Hope©Masako Kano

Leaf of Jung©Masako Kano

Nature´s Mirror©Masako Kano

Prayer©Masako Kano

Rio Limay©Masako Kano

Waiting for Pianist ©Masako Kano

Nocturne©Masako Kano

Light in Delta©Masako Kano

Spring Haiku©Masako Kano

Fennel Flowers©Masako Kano

Unconsented©Masako Kano

Mt. Fitzroy with cloud©M Kano

Mt.Fitzroy with Coihue trees©M Kano