Mark James Ford 1


Beauty does not need to have a meaning - it is there, waiting to be found, in all things ...

Striving for perfection at every point of the creative process, no aspect of the representation of an image is left to chance. Fascinated by the colours and structures to be found in nature, photography is my opportunity to show the awe inspiring beauty of the natural world as I perceive it. Although I sometimes simply show this beauty as I find it, I always try and push the representation of an image to its artistic limits, perhaps even ending with an abstract work. Cropping tightly, contexts like shorelines and horizon are often removed allowing a creative focus on the details and sometimes vibrant colours that excite me. Just as a diamond needs light, so capturing the interplay of subject and light, is often key to achieving the effect I am looking for. This is never more present than when looking at water in its many forms. Together with Ines, the woman and photographer at my side and a wonderfully constant source of support and challenge, I explore passionately the whole year round the boundless reservoir of motifs that nature has to offer: What we see, what we think and feel about what we see, and how this and these feelings and emotions can be represented.

I am a REFERENCE PHOTOGRAPHER (LINK) for SIGMA Deutschland and an active photographer for DEIN STERNENKIND (LINK). My work is regularly presented on the international stage. Mounted on acrylic, images are available as very limited edition true photographs up to 100 x 150cm.



Life On The Edge

Cold Fire

Black Pearls

Blue Ice

The Thin Ice

Frozen Light

Sunset Ice

Hepatica Blues

Crocus Dream

Spring's Beauty

A Fairy's Tale

Lily Dreams

Dance Of Dreams


On The Edge Of The Dream

On The Edge Of Night


One Fleeting Moment

Morning Flame


Sun Light

Summer Dream

Folded Rock


The Wave

Granite Flow

The Ancients

Amandus Summer

Spring Light

Fuchs' Meadow

Gold Dust

The Light Of Spring