Mario Beaudet


Mario Beaudet completed his training at the school of Applied Arts of Montreal in 1970, completing a degree in environmental design. In addition, Mr. Beaudet has developed a strong interest in visual arts, especially in drawing, sculpture and photography as means of expression. In the ‘80s he produced five monumental sculptures integrated to architectural projects (Quebec’s 1% program). He has developed a personal approach of architectural space, integrating elements of nature and the presence of people. His works are also characterized by a repetitive structure that creates strong rhythms, and where the colours symbolize accents and sounds.

This intuitive visual research is grounded in a “feeling of the moment”. Be it through the appropriation of recycled objects, the transfer of photographic images or the use of architectural materials, his imaginary compositions allow us to find alternate meanings in familiar objects.

The search for beauty in nature, the discovery of a forgotten detail that shapes the whole – these are the moments when his work is the most rewarding. It is also at these times that the creative process is the most dynamic; in these moments art appears.

Mr. Beaudet’s works have been presented in a number of solo and collective exhibits in Québec, Canada and abroad. Several publications have reported on his work.

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Eel fishing. Men are still working a verry ancestral way.

Wood crater cage to catch eels.

Gilles in a relax position

Little water fall of my river.

Pyramidal cube sculpture

Surrealism beach

Oats field.

Seaweeds beach