Manish Paudel


Manish Paudel is a photographer based in Birgunj, Nepal. He earned a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Birgunj Institute of Technology (BIT) in 2008. Following a two-year stint at a local FM station, Paudel became the web editor for Federation of Nepali Journalists- Parsa, where he developed an interest in photography.

Through his images, Paudel strives to tell stories by capturing the honest moments of everyday life in both familiar and non-familiar spaces. His work has been featured in local, national and international media such as Himal Khabarpatrika, Kantipur Daily, Nepal Weekly, The Kathmandu Post, Republica and Agence France-Presse (AFP). Poudel is also the recipient of numerous awards including the Subodh Memorial Photo Journalism Award of 2012 and Sano Paila’s Bravery Award of 2012.

Paudel is the co-founder of Sanskriti, a junction for creative youth in Birgunj that aims to energize and build the capacity of young people through engagement in initiatives that explore various forms of art and expression.


These labors are busy at the construction of a godown for a newly established industry. It is a joy able moment when these labors hear news about the establishment of a new industry. They are working under the scorching heat of sun but still having smile on face. Sometimes dark lines can be seen on their forehead when they become worried about the future of their family. The unorganized sector's labors, including the construction labor, are deprived of social security. They always have a big question