Madiha Abdo


My name is Madiha Abdo, and I am a London-based photographer. I have keenly been interested in photography since childhood, which have led to my studying and completing photography courses at both College and University. For me, photography is indeed a self-expression that allows me to document the interesting world around myself. I also use photography as a way of connecting with both the audience and my subject.

Black and white photography is my favourite field, for I believe it allows me to capture the target in almost magic way that may produce images that are strong, pure and without any unnecessary distractions. I want people to experience what I feel during my process of image creation and to have fun while viewing them.

When working on my black and white images I give particular attention to the sources of light, and contrast, so to be able to create very interesting images that could pull the eyes of the viewers. My works are mostly intended to realize some artistically bold and creative images with distinct characteristics.

When viewing many of my works one might note how the so-called theory of contraries, such as, for instance, light and dark, revealed and hidden, and so on, would seem characterizing them. This might seem to have made possible the creation of some stark images that seem, at the same time, having profound mystery and subtlety, only felt by those equipped with high perceptive abilities.