I live in a very isolated mountain town in the Pacific Northwest. There are few distractions. Animals are my only companions and photography is my entire life. I find it hard to concentrate on only one subject matter and love landscapes, architecture and portraits. Currently I am shooting Dutch Inspired still life. My background is in photojournalism. My Day in the Life of a White Hen series won 2nd Place in the 2013 IPA Fine Art Still Life Category. And, one of the photos from that series is touring the world in the Best of Show.


Young White Hen

Magic Happens When You Least Expect It

Hornet's Nest

Noelle with Hornet's Nest

Antler and Orchid

Dutch Inspired Still Life

The White Hen

Girl with Skull and Tulips

White Hen Ballet

Antler and Orchid

White Hen Preening

White Hen and Pear