Born in 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She finished her studies on Industrial Design in the University of Buenos Aires in 2013, and since she was 19 years old she also focused on studying photography at the same time. She studied with artists like Jimena Salvatierra, Lenza Szankay, Diego Ortiz Mugica and Julieta Escadró. In 2014 she lived in France, after getting a Working Holiday Visa, assisted the darkroom workshop in Paris Ateliers. She worked as an assistant for the french photographer Noemie Goudal, as a photographer at Domaine de Boisbuchet, and in the design studio of Noe Duchafour Lawrance.
During this year he got in contact the team of the Camera magazine. They published her work “We are one. We are two.” in their magazine number 9, at the section “Au fil de vos images” in April 2015. After participating with the series in an competition at Lens Culture, she was selected for a portfolio account on their website and after creating is she was selected and featured by them in their official and Facebook websites (April 2016). Before presenting the book in June 2016, an article on it was published at the Argentinian newspaper, La Nación. Her works were also features at the taiwanese magazine Ming Weekly (August 2015).
She participated in some group exhibitions like “Confluences” at the Ateneo Grand Splendid (2013), and “Expo Jóven” at the Law School, UBA (2012), amongst others. This September she has been invited for the exhibition at the Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sívori after being nominated for the prize Francisco Ayerza de Fotografia from the Fine Art National Academy (Argentina) which results will be given at its opening, and to the Night of Photography, at the Tbilisi Photo Festival (Georgia).
Her book “Somos uno. Somos dos.” (We are one. We are two) has been reviewed in websites such as Epiphanies (France), The Library Project (Photo Ireland), The Natural Collection (Photobook Club, England), Self Publish Be Happy, The Virtual Bookshelf, from Josef Chladek (Autria) and Monovisions.
Today she works as a freelancer, within design and photography, and started with Nicolas Vischi a project of design studio and publisher called “Morsa”.