Kristian Bertel


Kristian Bertel's portfolio contains the comprehensive collection of Indian portraits, and photographs of the landscapes and cultures of India. His work includes portraits of faces he has encountered whilst travelling throughout India, collected together in an engaging and moving series of unique street portraits: unposed, unstylized images of people that reveal the universality of the depths of human emotion. 

An intriguing collection of unposed and engaging colour portraits of people from all backgrounds and corners of the northern part of India, his portfolio offers a world-wide look at real people from places as diverse as Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Candid and unstylized portraits of children, adolescents and adults from all walks of life that reveal humanity's commonality as well as the variety of our personal adornment. Including the famous 'Indian Girl' photograph, and equally memorable images ranging from a close-up portrait of an Indian man to a city overview of Jodhpur, his photographs features nearly 400 photographs in all. 

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Kristian Bertel, Indian Girl (2008), Rajasthan, India

Kristian Bertel, Indian Girl (2008), Rajasthan, India

Kristian Bertel, Jaisalmer (2008), Rajasthan, India

Kristian Bertel, Sunset in Jodhpur (2008), Rajasthan, India

Kristian Bertel, Varanasi (2008), Uttar Pradesh, India

Kristian Bertel, Man in India (2008), Rajasthan, India