Katarzyna Nizinkiewicz


I made many stupidities in life, studied physics, designed fashion, even got some important awards for it. I wrote a book, and now I write a blog. I spend months each year hiking in the wilderness. I also do photographs. Nothing is about carrier so I do not want to be proffesionalist, I just want to share some important thoughts. Together with my writing it is very small contribution which I can give to the world.
My project shown here is named "simple world". In March 2016 I walked 500 km from Finland to North Cape on the skis. I was with friend, we slept in the tent and we pull our food and all what we needed on the sleds (me also 4kg of my photographic gear). It was a hard travel, in cold, windy conditions far away from the civilisation. I was amazed with the beauty and simplicity of the landscape. I wanted to show how little and how transparent I felt comparing with the Nature and how pretty and well balanced is this land. Being there is like a balsam for soul, like meditation. All is so clear and so delicate. So simple. There is no post production in this photographs, I made all in camera, including me- as a shadow.
Simple world was nomenee in FAPA 2016