John Twiname


I am an amateur photographer currently based in New Zealand after 16 years of living in China and England. I have been interested in photography since my brother gave me a camera back in the early 80s. I was also influenced by my father who took photos during the Second War II in which 4 of his brothers also fought. I had been using a Nikon FE2 and using mainly slide films to take landscape, street and portrait photography in New Zealand, and Asia in my 20s.

For a number of years, I did not take that many photos as I chose to concentrate on my work. Meeting people who were also keen photographers, and the advent of the full-frame sensor, tempted me back into photography. I have since developed an interest in black and white fine arts and architecture photography.

Since then I have enjoyed getting out and taking photographs with my wife. As much as I enjoy the end result of my efforts, the process – the getting to the location, the waiting, the setting up, and the post-processing – are all enjoyable parts of the experience.

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Awards and Exhibitions:

2020 New Zealand Sigma Amateur Photographer of the Year - Second Place in Monochrome Category

2021 New Zealand Property Brokers Calendar Awards - Runner up

2020 The Motif Collective Photography Awards - 2 x Shortlisted in September Symmetry Theme, "Red Eye", "Pavillion"

2020 The Motif Collective Photography Awards - 2 x Shortlisted in October Architecture Theme, "Looking Up", "Swirl"

2020 ND Awards - Honorable Mention in Architecture: Buildings Category

2020 Monochrome Photography Awards - 2 x Honorable Mention in Architecture, "Jagged Profiled", "Looking Up"

2020 The Motif Collective Photography Awards - 2 x Shortlisted in December Minimalism Theme, "Block and Chain", "Finger"

2021 Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, International Juried Group Photo Exhibition, “White”






Vanishing Point

Lit Gherkin

Rubik's Cube


Jagged Profile


Looking Up

The Wedge

Sea Wall

Sea Marker