Photographer from Slovenia. I stop interesting faces on the street, ask them to come to my studio...some really do. Try to add value with some story, use a gadget if possible, something that does not belong: old fashioned sunglasses, crazy dress combination-one model said: Wow, i can use this combination, that's cool ! Really an inspiration if the model is enthusiastic about the concept, otherwise it is a very stressful situation, final obstacle being the personal freedom and attitude of the model, not to mention a man stopping an unknown woman on the street, asking her to be photographed, ha, that is a joke ! Some just walk away, thinking i'm crazy or something. It is also
a very intellectual affair, strong intuitive process.
My work was published in Graphis Magazine, NY, several times, some great names there ! Had an exh. and several group shows in Tokyo, an exh. or two in Prague, Montreal and of course Slovenia.