Gregor Borwig 1


Gregor is a Hamburg (Germany) based photographer,
who creates minimalist landscapes in black and white.
His static compositions consist of a tension between void
and the objects. The emptiness of his imagnes is sometimes
haunting, sometimes quiet and meditative - bridges going
nowhere, the sea as smooth and sleek as a mirror, clouds
that are deformed into looking like they are painted upon
the sky, trees standing tall and solitary on an otherwise
empty field, landscapes consumed by fog.

Borwigs photographs of nature deny the objectivity of
photography by being highly idealialised compositions,
free of distractions and anomalies.

Another issue that Borwig continues to seize upon is the
deconstruction of our perception of time. His photographs
never show just one moment, but layers over layers of moments.
Movements of the elements are captured over a period of time,
allowing the viewer to see a manipulated three-dimensional image
of nature, two dimensions in space and one in time.
In his images, there is no instant present as we perceive,
no photographic objectivity but a stream of moments
that endure over time.


Borwig (Germany) faded_ 284

Borwig (Germany) faded_117

Borwig (Germany) post_3

Borwig (Germany) below

Borwig (Germany) ending places_4

Borwig (Germany) blinded by the white_7

Borwig (Germany) ending places_4

Borwig (Germany) ending places_1

Borwig (Germany) faded_177

Borwig (Germany) faded_214

Borwig (Germany) faded_285

Borwig (Germany) faded_321

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Borwig (Germany) foggy walk_3

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Borwig (Germany) blinded by the white_4

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