Hi, I’m Rob and this is my small and imperfect world of photography. I’m not aspiring to be the greatest photographer in the world, I’m just happy that photography allows me to me escape the rush of everyday life. There’s no words, just images of moments long past and yet they remind me of the feelings I then experienced. I hope to share some of those feelings with anyone who visits this page.

I try to make all the images on this page reflect the feelings I felt and impressions I had when I was taking them and tailor them to what my mind, not eyes, saw. Photographs are only the beginning!

Have fun!


Three Seagulls

Wintry Lake


Three Rocks

Stromy Beach

Driftwood and the Shipyard

Pier In The Morning



Edge Of The Forest

Alpen Glow

Moon Over The Mountains

Sunset over Gdansk

Torpedo Facility

Durham Heritage Coast

Rocky Beach

Sunrise Behind The Fog

Fiery Sunrise