George Ramms 1


The Significance of the Ordinary Moment

By using long exposure, George Ramms directs the viewers
attention to the still object of the picture.
Things and places that are not obvious, or even mostly ignored
to be photographed, unveil their beauty in monochrome pictures
with a smooth skin of light.
'My passion is to capture the world around us, in a way that reduces
the object to its true appearance. With photographs of ordinary subjects, enhanced by lines, contrast and light, or the absence of it.
Jetties, stones and rocks stand out among the constantly moving
environment and therefore disclose a powerful silence


Take a Seat

Waterfall of the Gods


White Curtain

Trap Rock

Dragon Tree

Before Season

Fishermen's Friends

Diving Platform

Bird's Eye View

Swiss Lake

Ponte di Venecia

Venice at Night

That's all Folks