Gary John Norman 1


An experienced image creator I have worked worldwide creating people & lifestyle imagery that captures real moments and emotions. Working with both still and motion imagery my creative process involves image concept, beautiful lighting and people direction. When I am not creating I prefer to be playing by the sea.

The curated work is used in an abundance of media and has the ability to be used across all platforms. Ultimately markets that demand images with high visual quality, fantastic composition and subtle light that evokes a genuine emotional response.

Personally I like to search for a balance between or perhaps a meeting point for humanity and nature. Looking to capture a human breath where it seems nature’s forces have united to create that split instant in time. Creating a glimpse of something beyond ordinary life that forms a transcendent moment, shying away from contentment but bordering on subtle excitement.

In production I work with a collaborative creative team, on set they are poised to play their parts with such precision that it allows for flexibility and spontaneity. Enabling me to focus on the subtle elements that make all the difference.

I am educated to Masters and have exhibited work in London, Dubai, Miami & New York and received awards from PDN and a Gold Addy.