Sven E Godager


I work mainly with black & white (Leica M6&MP) on film but also by black & white digitally (Leica Monochrom).
My color pictures are mainly done by Leica D-Lux4 or D-Lux6.
My main focal length is mainly 35mm.
As an artist I like to work with surfaces, textures, proportions, perspective and details.
In the darkroom, analog or digital, I usually work with 60% of a picture frame.
My darkroom prints are done as silver prints and digitally I try to make my prints look as silver prints - hopefully.


bleak autumn near home

some street in Firenze

some poster leftovers in Firenze

traces of autumn at footpath in Cambridge

some mirroring in Cambridge

some mirroring in Cambridge

colorful autumn


there is light

window mirroring

iron mongers one

some manhole cover one

some manhole cover two

the wall of Aros art museum i Aarhus

cloth pegs on a line Procida

foot prints left on the beach Skagen

Jewish memorial Berlin

detail of water sculpture in stainless steel Aarhus

some wally scotland

some manhole St.Ives

a rainy evening Cognac

some twisted road Lake District

landscape near home

some work cranes at Aker shipyard

some bench in Aarhus

a bicycle in St.Ives

a field in Vågå

some cobble stones Aarhus

a never ending railway line Skagen

an ally in Cognac

water fountain city square Arles

a winters day near home

iron mongers two

at the sea front St. Bees

at Braastad mansion Cognac

the end is near at the beach in Snape