Felix Inden 1


Since i started photography,
i began noticing that in my captures of this world, the results that make me most happy, are the ones that rather evoke emotions than beeing a factic display of the reality around us.
This doesn´t mean i make unrealistic images, but the techniques i prefer are all more artistic than documentary.

I live in Cologne, Germany- and i like to be here and enjoy the goods of a big metropole. The cultural offers and the posibility to have my own day schedule without beeing bound to normal timeschemes is great for a nightowl ;)

But what is beginning to grow stronger everyday is my drive to be in the wilderness or nature at least.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of my images, which are mostly architectural and landscape shots.


Realm of the Barnacles

Roaring Sea I

Roaring Sea II

Roaring Sea III

Call from another World

Watched by the Trolls

The fall and the mountain

Frozen Ground II

Waves of Myst

Call from another world II

Frozen Soul

Ice Creature

O Camilo


Sawtooth Sunrise

Twilight Fjord

Frozen Ground

Pristine Winterbay

Call from another World III