Dragos Ioneanu 1


My name is Dragos. I am born in Bucharest, Romania in 1980 and live in Copenhagen, Denmark since 2010. This coincides more or less with the moment when I discovered this wonderful craft of photography. I watch day after day hundreds of images.
I love many kinds of photography. I love fine art photography because it express a vision. And my vision is to create a better world, in which there will be no more bad, ugly and disgusting things. I enjoy long exposure technique as it lets you capture timeless images, surreal photographic dreams. I love black and white processing because it reveals the soul of the things: the shape and the texture. I appreciate a landscape that capture the strength and beauty of the nature. I enjoy watching good street images that lets you make a sensorial trip in the past or in a different parts of the world.

Awards and publications:
2013- Bronze medal, Fine art Architecture - Prix the Photographie, Paris
2013 - One of the 12 winners - International Feature Photographers Competition, ViewPoint Gallery, Nova Scotia, Canada
2013 - Commended image in Architecture category, Sony Photography awards
2013 - Grand Prix Juror Awards of Merit - International Fine Art Photography Award - Grand Prix de la Decouverte


Victorian splendour

White ladder

Into the lair

Remnants from the past



Study of light

Abstract by Calatrava

There is life on moon

Eyes to see the world

Magic carpet


Shape of smoke

Ode to Tamesas - 4

Bridge of sighs


Rime of the ancient mariner

Study of light 2